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The hilarious spokesperson is here again with many quotes. ''Nerver marry a woman that you will 'manage' just because you are poor. If you do,you will abandon her when you are no longer poor''-Reno Omokri' see other things he says:
''The president in office is not the one I voted for,so why should he succeed?''-Adesina,the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari
''Do not take family members to pastors if they have health challenges.''- OAP Freeze
'' Men who treat their wives badly,do not know they lock the heavens over themselves'' says the gospel singer and pastor  Nathaniel. See the reasons:
''Fake news and hate speech distort the hard work of the government'' -Lai Mohammed
''Any Christian woman that wears high shoes is married to the world''
Restructure your mentality first,before restructuring Nigeria- Chief Obasanjo
Ladies,see how  friends can destroy your relationships
A pastor rapes children,pleads guilty,and says ''It is devil's work''
Ladies,a woman sues her parent to court for still being single and for being ugly,
Flashy women bad choice of marriage?
You teach your woman to cheat when you impress her with roses
A pastor impregnates a naked house wife and you blamed him?
You Don't Believe In Marriage Anymore?
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Question for the day: Is it a sin to kiss ones brother or sister?