Plastic Surgery is not for the rich alone – Dr. Femi Oladeji

Dr. Femi Oladeji, the Chief operating surgeon at LekkiHill Hospital (Home of LekkiHill Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery) has expressed that the surgical operation isn't for the made and affluent alone as several believe.

In associate degree interview with Guardian Newspaper on Sunday, Dr. Femi noted that cosmetic surgery isn't self-importance however a health demand for uncountable folks born with abnormality, accident victims or those with trauma.

“Some folks miss the chance to amend the deformity at early stage, as a result of they didn't recognize that such treatment is out there. Now, as adult, carrying such things around is embarrassing. It might be traumas, someone has associate degree accident or something traumatic, from fight, injuries from something or disaster, as a result, they need structural or useful defect, it's the operating surgeon that's known as to repair it.

“Somebody World Health Organization has carcinoma might have surgery to get rid of that cancer. once such person has been treated and lucky to be alive, however desires the form of the breast back, plastic surgeons area unit known as to reconstruct a breast for such person.”

He additional expressed that once surgical procedures area unit done right and safety is taken into account initial before beauty, it limits the speed of mortality.

“For example if someone has polygenic disorder and there's no deliberate step to manage the polygenic disorder initial, then there's no surgery.

“Sometimes, a number of them don't recognize they need these problems till they get here and since we tend to area unit following normal by checking all traits, that's after they discover that they're hypertensive, polygenic disorder etc for the primary time. somebody World Health Organization is thus weighty and feels it's simply to travel to LekkiHill and that they would melt off would be adequately suggested.”

Speaking on the privacy policy for patients and keeping their identity anonymous, Dr. Femi expressed that the hospital features a zero-tolerance for breach of privacy.

Nigerians, particularly terribly high and high persons, value more highly to go abroad for plastic surgery, as a result of they feel no one can recognize they need done it. At LekkiHill, we tend to take the privacy of purchasers seriously.

“What is additional vital to U.S.A. is that the happiness of our purchasers and not taking glory that we tend to dead the work, thus we tend to take our purchasers privacy terribly seriously. What we tend to prime is that the wonderful service we provide and therefore the joy of our purchasers. we tend to don't compromise that in any away.”