If you want to keep a woman, do these 6 things

So, men, now we will give out a few secrets of how to keep your beloved woman close. Read carefully and use wisely. Make an effort, because even if one of the things written below does not work out for you, the effort will be counted.


1. Always talk.

Reply to her messages. Write to her first yourself. This does not mean that you need to correspond all day long. Just show what you think of her. Text her in the morning, at lunchtime or throw some meme in the middle of the day, and always write before bed. Communication will help keep her, because the woman likes to know what the man thinks about her. It is enough even to write “Thinking of you”.

2. Make her feel the only one for you.

She wants to feel the most beautiful in your eyes. Tell her that she is beautiful. Do not stare at others. Compliment her. When you see her reaction and feedback, you will get a taste.

3. Memorize little things and important moments.

What she tells you. Details. Show that you are listening to her. Remember how she broke her knee in 5th grade. Who was in love with the 6th. How many spoons of sugar she throws into tea and how she hid chocolates from her brother. She pours her heart out to you - take it.

4. Show interest.

Girls sometimes like what men don't like. Still, it's important that you show interest in what she is interested in. You can even try it with her - she will appreciate it!

5. Make her feel welcome.

The woman doesn't want to be a burden to you. When she offers to meet, show that you're really happy about it. Don't pretend to be indifferent if you like her. Talk to her, laugh. Create memories with her. Remember that she chose you because she wanted you. Show her the same.

6. Don't hide your intentions.

This will set you apart from other men who cannot directly say what they want from a woman. And if yousay that you want a serious relationship with her, if you show your determination, strength, she will be with you.