7 signs he likes you and it scares him

If you feel that a man likes you, but he behaves strangely and does nothing, perhaps he himself is afraid of his feelings. Seems silly and immature? Yes, it happens. Here's how to tell if he's afraid of how much he likes you:


1. It has changed dramatically.

Previously, he was very gentle to you, tried to be closer, and now it is like a wall between you. He moved away for no reason, no reason, and perhaps this is because he realized his feelings for you and is afraid to develop them.

2. He jokes about his relationship with you.

You know how they say: whoever hurts, he talks about it and jokes too. When he jokes about your possible relationship, he seems to be testing the waters. He may be afraid to ask you to date, but wants to see the reaction to the joke about what it would be like if you were dating.

3. As soon as something starts to improve, he takes a step back.

It annoys and confuses you because that's what the guy who just plays with your heart does. But when he's scared by his own feelings for you, he too can drift away after a perfect date.

4. He hints that his heart was broken in a past relationship.

Perhaps he wants to explain to you why he is indecisive and afraid to start a serious relationship again.

5. He talks about his feelings, but is afraid of labels.

This can be confusing too. But when a man shows feelings for you, but does not want to call it a serious relationship, maybe he is simply afraid of conventions, although in fact he is not against them.

6. He is jealous.

Maybe he himself does nothing in relation to you, but when he finds out that someone is flirting with you, he starts to get angry.

7. He hasn't figured out his ex yet.

He may be afraid to develop a relationship with you, because he has not yet fully figured out with his ex. If so, then he really doesn't want to screw up anything with you until he's completely free.