5 reasons why men are so mysterious

It's not just mystery women that intrigue men. Mysterious men also attract women to themselves. But why are they like that?

1. He's very smart.

And such people are confident in themselves, because they do not stick out their I. Plus they do not like empty conversations, which is why they are silent and seem mysterious.

2. He tries to choose the right words.

He listens more than speaks, therefore it seems mysterious. And what do you think is going on in his head? Although maybe he just has nothing to say.

3. He's just weird.

The mystery that you see in him is actually his strange feature that makes him behave in a certain way or react in some unexpected way. But this suggests that he can just be himself.

4. He's shy.

Maybe he is just embarrassed in a large company or next to you, although usually you would notice it. But perhaps he is trying to hide his shyness, which makes him seem mysterious.

5. He is hiding something.

If a guy doesn't want you to find out something about him, or wants to appear honest, just without saying anything superfluous, he can be considered mysterious.