12 signs a man is pushing you away and why you should leave first

Men do not always say directly that they want to leave. They just start doing some things, which annoy you and push you away, so that you yourself initiate the separation. Boyaguses! But worse is that you may not understand his hints. So today it is about them:

1. He says you deserve the best.

And instead of telling him that he is cool and good for you, take it as a hint that he wants you to find someone else. Apparently he is right.

2. He suddenly had a difficult period.

Suddenly he begins to justify himself with some unexpectedly difficult period in his life, which is why he can no longer spend a lot of time with you. Like, he is busy, he wants to be himself. Presses on pity, in general.

3. He cancels dates at the last moment.

This is a clear disrespect for your time, but you can blame it on his busy day or other problems, so you may not take this hint.

4. You cannot get an answer from him.

He does not answer your messages, you can barely get through to him, and this has not happened before. It seems that he does not want to contact you at all.

5. He does not want to put up after a quarrel.

Now he doesn't care how the quarrel ends. He behaves differently than before, does not worry about your feelings, but can just turn around and leave.

6. It became closed.

Not only does he not talk about his feelings, he generally does not tell you anything and you can hardly get a normal answer from him to at least some question.

7. He doesn't try for you in bed.

He wants to make out with you, but he no longer tries for you. He is selfish.

8. He imputes guilt to you.

He wants you to feel guilty. Maybe he focuses on how your coworker flirts with you, or that you are too friendly with other guys. But you know he's exaggerating. Maybe even on purpose.

9. He makes high demands on you.

He tries to manipulate you, asking you to do something for him that you definitely cannot. And when you refuse, he uses it against you, making you guilty.

10. He spends a lot of time with other people.

Especially if he says he wants to be alone, and then you find out that he met with friends or colleagues.

11. He “forgets” important dates.

If there was no such thing before, now he just doesn't care. In the same way, he may "forget" what you planned for the weekend or vacation.

12. He is undergoing major changes.

But it tells you after the fact. Maybe he changes jobs or moves, but he does not coordinate these decisions with you in any way, does not even consult and generally speaks afterwards.