You didn't find your love until you see this one thing in a man.

Popular wisdom says that you “just understand” when you meet the person you should be with. Apparently, at that moment you will have no doubts that it is he. But how many of us have it been like this?

Life is not always black or white, especially when it comes to love.

You're not always sure you've found the right person, even if he's the right person. So how do you understand this?

First, let's be clear that "chemistry" doesn't define the love of your life. And even if it matches all the items on your list, it doesn't mean anything. Or if he was there all his life and supported you - this is not a sign of eternal love. Well, great sex doesn't make a person perfect for you either.

All this is fine, but in itself is not decisive in choosing a partner.

There is only one thing that can tell you if this person is the love of your life.

It's simple: he should help you become better.

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True love is not about "chemistry", but about the opportunity to become better.

Choose a person with whom you can be yourself, with whom you feel loved despite your shortcomings. Only then can love reach its greatest depth, only then will you feel satisfied.

It's easy to love passionately, easy to love for your appearance, but how many people can love you for who you are on the inside?

And just because you invested a lot of your time and energy in someone, it doesn't mean that he is your destiny.

You should be with someone with whom you want to become better, who helps you to heal the wounds of the past, helps you spread your wings. This is the essence of the relationship. That's why we end a relationship in which we become worse.