Why do all your exes remember you at the same time?

Has it ever happened to you that you are alone for a long time, even suffer from loneliness, but when you finally relax and just enjoy life, and maybe even meet someone new, then all your exes suddenly remember you? They start to write, maybe even call ... There are three reasons:
1. You have relaxed, do not suffer, you can be yourself and become more self-confident.

Your energy manifests itself non-verbally, in your tone of voice, in your posture, in your gait, in the way you communicate with everyone. People notice this and they become curious, they want to be closer to such your energy. The same goes for the former.

2. Nostalgia.

People want what they cannot have. Therefore, when exes see that you have started dating another, they are jealous, jealous and want to remind you of themselves. Especially nostalgia covers the holidays.

3. You choose similar people.

You choose these because on the subconscious you work out some of your psychological moments on them. These are people who are psychologically similar, therefore they go through similar psychological cycles, so they can suddenly write to you almost simultaneously.