Why Did You Always Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy
You always fall in love with the wrong guys because you are used to being mistreated. You are used to gathering your friends for "consultations" around your phone, trying to decipher a message from some guy. You used to cry at night over a bottle of wine and quarrel over nonsense.

You are not used to being told that you are beautiful. You are not used to feeling comfortable and confident in a relationship. You don't even know if the love you want is actually possible. You've heard of her in fairy tales, but you've never met her. You have never experienced it. You've only met assholes.

You always hope that they will correct themselves, that they will surprise you by becoming knights and gentlemen, but you yourself know how it will end. You know that they will break your heart, and then you will complain about them to your friends. And then you forget and you can say: "I'm better off without him."

But what if you fell in love with a really nice guy? What if you trusted him and he still broke your heart? It would be too much. And you could not say that you are better off without him, because that is a lie. Because it's hard to find another one that is just as good.

Therefore, you settle for less. Instead of taking risks with a nice guy, you date assholes who show you who they really are right away. Although not even a second of your time deserves.

You comfort yourself, which could be worse. But in fact, you just do not realize what you are worth. You don't believe that you are worth more. But you have to believe. Otherwise, you will be forever stuck with the wrong men. With those who make you doubt their loyalty, your beauty, the idea of ​​love.

You can't control who your heart falls in love with, but you can control who you choose to date. So don't settle for assholes anymore.