When you know you won't succeed but keep coming back to each other

Sometimes your love for someone is stronger than anything else. Sometimes your mind just can't control your actions, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes you just need to stop something, but you can't help yourself.

If you were so crazy about someone, although you knew that you have no future, then you know what it is about.

He turned your world upside down from the very first day you met. And you know he feels the same way. You are madly in love and you cannot tear yourself away from each other.

But from the very first meeting you knew that he = the problem. You knew that you could never be together peacefully.

Yes, you have always considered him your soul mate, you never could have imagined that you could love someone else as much.

Both of you want it so badly to work out, but it just doesn't happen. You keep fighting and disagreeing because it just doesn't work out. And you don't know why. You do not doubt his feelings and are confident in your love.

No matter what, you continue to converge. Deep down, you both know that you will never have a healthy, strong relationship, but there is some inexplicable force that draws you to each other.

Every time you leave, you say that this is forever. That this is definitely the last time. It's not that you are bad, you just don't fit together. He awakens the worst in you and what you don't need in life.

But every time he returns, you accept him as if nothing had happened.

Even though you know you have no future, you hope that things will be different this time. And I'm here to tell you it won't.

Obviously, none of you are ready to change. You are both adults, and it would be absurd to expect a change from you to fit each other's standards. Maybe you both have a hot temperament, maybe your personalities just don't fit.

You have been together for a long time and should have learned how to coexist. But obviously this did not happen. And if this has not happened now, then why do you hope that it will happen in the future? Why do you think it will be different this time if everything ended the same every time in the past?

Whatever prevents the two of you from being happy, obviously, you cannot be like that together and it's time to stop running from this fact.

It's time to accept that your partner is not the one you need, despite all your love for him.

You probably think that love can conquer everything. She can. But apparently you do not have true love, no matter how much you want.

In true love, you don't have to feel all this. Yes, there are butterflies and passion, but there is also constant stress and anxiety. You never know what to expect next, and it drains.

True love gives a feeling of calmness, like at home, as if all the puzzles are falling into place.

So please, for your mental and physical health, leave first. Because this is not true love, but torment.

I know that you are afraid to make the wrong decision, you don't want to hurt yourself or him. Yes, it won't be easy. You will feel empty when you finally put an end to it all. You will miss him incredibly. You will cry, think that you cannot live without him, you will want to return to him. And then you need to collect all your strength.

Then you will need to understand that sometimes love is not enough. Then you will need to understand that you will never be happy with him.

But all this pain will pass over time. And you will be grateful that you finally get it over with. You will be grateful that you saved yourself from such a miserable life.