What you need to understand about men and how they are attracted to women

“This is because you slept with him early,” friends explain to you why he does not call or write after sex. But that's not the real reason. And the sooner you understand this, the sooner this will stop.

Men who run away after having sex are a symptom, not a cause.

Of course, if you want to reduce the chances of being used, then it is right not to rush into this matter. You can set a rule for yourself: no earlier than 3 dates. Or fifth. Whatever you want: you just reduce the number of men with whom you will sleep, so that you will be used less.

But there is something more important.

Just postponing sex for later will not solve the problem.

The point is that attraction has physical and non-physical aspects. And since men tend to sleep more often with women to whom they have only a physical attraction, women believe that the non-physical is less important to them.

But this is a mistake. It's just as important for men to feel non-physical attraction if they want more than just sex.

So if you attracted him not only physically, but also non-physically, then he will not run away anywhere after intimacy. And if not, you can make him endure until 10 bye, but when he gets his, he will run away, simply because you did not attract him anymore.

Once again: if a man runs away after having sex, it's not because you slept with him too early. This is because he didn't feel enough non-physical attraction to you.

PS How is non-physical attraction formed?

A man assesses you: how confident you are in yourself, how you treat him, how much importance you attach to your appearance, how you communicate with other people, how interesting your life is and whether he wants to be a part of it.