Stop fighting for someone who is not afraid to lose you

You need to stop fighting for someone who only says that he loves you, but does not prove these words with anything.

You need to stop hurting yourself and reduce your chances of a happy future by fighting for someone who isn't afraid to lose you.

Because no matter how hard you try, only you will fight for the two of you. And there is no happiness in this.

Have the dignity to say: "I love you, but I love myself more." Have the dignity to choose yourself when he does not choose you.

Just because you chose someone and decided to fight for him does not mean that he is ready to do the same for you.

If he shows that he does not want to try and fight for you, then stop chasing him - you will not come running anywhere.

It's not easy, yes. It is not a easy things to give up on someone you love. But this is the only thing that needs to be done if a person is not afraid of losing you.

Understand, your efforts are wasted, your love breaks your heart. And it’s better to go through it once than to choose to stay and fight over and over again for someone who doesn’t fight for you.

Enough. How much more can you give yourself to someone who does not appreciate you? How much longer can you be the only one who fights? It shouldn't be so hard to love, otherwise it is not love.

You think you love him, but in reality you love your idea of ​​him, your dreams of you. But imagine: if your feelings are so strong for someone who treats you badly, how much better will it be when you meet someone who loves you just as much ?!

So save your strength and heart for a person for whom all this will not be wasted.

Don't fight for someone who doesn't care if you die in this fight.

Show this man you fought so hard for how it feels when you leave. Show how it feels when a madly in love girl finally understands what it is worth. Show how empty it will be without you.

Do not ever lose yourself for someone who doesn't deserve you.