Real men protect their woman, don't hurt her

Let's decide right away: if a man hurts you - physically, psychologically - this is not love.

Just think: how many women would have escaped the torment and suffering if they stopped romanticizing their role as victim?

No, love doesn't have to be difficult. It takes a lot of effort, but it should never require you to bend and break for it. Love doesn't have to hurt.

It is one thing to yearn for a person, to crave his embrace, to suffer from separation. And it is completely different to doubt what you are worth, because he humiliates you or threatens you.

We all need to remember the main thing: a real man does not make love difficult - with him it is incredibly easy!

Real men don't hurt a woman, they protect her. Everything else is a lie that we tell ourselves for fear of letting go of a toxic partner.

The truth is that a real man will never do anything to intentionally hurt his beloved woman. He will never do something that makes her feel fear and uncertainty, which can break her heart.

Men who hurt women are cowards hiding behind their masculine appearance. They are not real men. It is just a form with a rotten soul inside.

A real man respects himself enough to never lie, not fool, not break the heart of the one who gave him to him. It's simple.

Real men are inspired by women. They know that everything you give her will return to you a hundredfold. Give her an apartment - she will make a comfortable home, give her love - she will make you the only man in the world for herself.

Real men protect their woman. Even from myself. Because they want to see her happy.

A happy woman is the greatest strength of a real man.