Intuition doesn't lie: if you feel that it doesn't suit you, apparently it is

Human intuition begins to speak even before you speak to her. Everyone has certain vibrations, as a reaction of the subconscious, but not everyone knows how to understand them. And you can have positive vibrations for a person, but when you are together, these vibrations begin to affect you badly.

So no matter how much you love this person, no matter how you try to build a relationship, if you have a bad feeling about it, you don't fit together. Trust these vibrations.

If something gives you unpleasant feelings, you should believe it. And if such sensations from the relationship, then you need to let them go. You shouldn't waste time and energy on why everything inside you turns upside down - and not in a good way. What brings negative energy to you must be removed from your life.

But don't be in a hurry. Try to analyze what exactly your bad vibes are from. Could it be about other people who are always getting into your relationship? Maybe your friends are turning you against your man? Then it's about them, not your relationship.

Discuss this with your partner - it is important to know how he feels about your relationship. If he also has a bad feeling, then you know what to do.

Energy does not lie, but you need to figure out where it comes from. Don't confuse a small problem with something worth leaving. Maybe it is not from the man you need to leave, but from friends who turned out to be not friends at all. The point is to get away from negativity.