How to know that he is not interested after the first date

The first date is always exciting, so you may not understand: either the man was worried and embarrassed, or he just didn't really like you. But here are the signs that you shouldn't count on a second date:

1. He didn't mention the second date.

Usually, if a man likes you, he says something like: "I suggest we go next time ...". But if he does not even mention the possibility of a second date, then on the contrary he wants to make it clear that this is your last meeting.

2. The date ended early.

On his initiative. Take it as his "no" and move on.

3. Nothing personal.

If he did not tell anything personal about himself and did not ask you such questions to get to know you better, then, unfortunately, he was not interested in you.

4. He didn't text you after the date.

Didn't know how you got home. Or didn’t thank you for a good evening. Although usually after the first date, if he liked you, then they immediately ask about the second ...

5. On your date, he is always distracted.

Maybe he is constantly looking around or at his phone - he is clearly not interested and he is looking for an excuse to leave early.

6. He finds excuses after a date.

Maybe you wrote to him first after a date, but no matter what you suggest, he always has excuses why he can't meet or at least call. Just because he doesn't want to.

7. He doesn't try to impress you.

Not that it's bad - maybe he wants to be himself. But it can be seen and felt as if the man is doing you a favor by coming on a date and spending time with you. He doesn't even look you in the eye and is not particularly active in conversation.