How to keep a man's interest in you for sure and for a long time

You are probably waiting for a list of what you need to start doing in order to attract a man and keep his interest in you. But I’ll say the exact opposite: forget about all the lists that tell you to be what you are not. Because these tips are not effective for everyone and for a short time.

The truth is, there is no magic formula for keeping a man's interest if it isn't there. As well as there is no secret strategy on how to attract a man if he himself does not want to be "attracted".

We may not know how to keep a man interested, but we know what excuses he makes when he is not interested.

We may not know how to attract a man, but when someone wants you, you don’t need any lists, because he will be by your side and you will not worry that he will leave.

We may not know the secrets of attraction, but we know for sure: you will lose a man when you lose yourself , when you stop being yourself, trying to impress him, when you start to doubt what you are worth, that you are worthy of someone's love, when you will begin to blindly follow the "rules" that are written about on the net.

Instead of trying to figure out how to keep a man's interest, figure out how to keep your interest. Make a list of what you wanted to do and find ways to finally make it happen, because this is the most important list - a list of your goals and dreams that makes you smile, hope and forget all that nonsense about how to interest a man.

Because if you spend all your time looking for ways to attract a man, you ruin your life, and he will continue to live his own. He is not looking for ways to keep you interested, he is too busy with his own interests, which is why you should do the same.

Yes, and a person should love you for who you are, just because of your interests, you are real, without filters. And maybe then you will understand that the problem is not in you, that you have not retained someone's interest in yourself. The problem is that the wrong person will always be uninteresting with you. Wait for the right one😉