How to help a man see you as a girl, not just a friend

Maybe you've been friends for a long time. You understand each other perfectly, you can talk for a long time, you have the same sense of humor. And suddenly you have feelings for him. But he, it seems, does not. What to do? How can you help him see more in you than just a friend?
1. Check your feelings.

They say that if you spend too much time with someone, then you will inevitably fall in love with him. Are you sure that you really fell in love with him, and not just that you are lonely, but he is available? Can you imagine being physically close to him?

2. Decide what will happen if you fail.

Do you want to remain friends anyway, or won't you worry if he refuses you? Think about the outcome.

3. Warm up the environment.

He probably saw you in your old pajamas and a stretched T-shirt, and that's okay - you're friends. But if you want him to see you as a potential girlfriend, look the part. Try as if you were on a first date - so you yourself will feel more confident.

4. Start flirting a little.

Begin to hint slightly that you like him more than as a friend. Start by not giving him five when you meet, but hugging, leaning slightly against him when you watch the movie. If you feel that he is uncomfortable, take a step back, but still feel the opportunity to enter his personal space.

5. Compliment him.

His shirt, his achievements, how proud you are of him, how he helped you. Show that you appreciate it.

6. Create a little mystery.

If you have been friends for a long time, he probably knows everything about you. But the relationship is so interesting that you get to know a new person. So make yourself unpredictable. Take on something new that will surprise him, invite him on a spontaneous trip out of town. Show him your new sides.

7. Become less accessible.

Give him the opportunity to miss him and perhaps he himself will understand that he misses not just a friend.

8. Show him that he has his competition.

Do not be desperate, do not impose on him, but rather go on other dates to remind him that you are in demand with other men.

9. Be honest.

If he still doesn't understand your hints, and you can't wait and endure any longer, then be honest and tell him about your feelings - after all, you are friends, you should be able to discuss everything.