A mistake is an accident. Cheating is a deliberate choice.

Cheating is the most disrespectful, painful, and selfish thing you can do to your loved one. In a relationship, loyalty is important. It is important not to hurt each other, otherwise why be together? But for some people, cheating is like a second person.Don't destroy the people around you with revenge.

For example, I have a friend who married her high school love. They already have three children, a cool home. Their relationship has always been based on honesty. She was happy. He never treated her badly, never raised his hand. But their marriage ended in divorce because she was cheating on her husband with her work colleague. She was cheating because she said he loved watching too many basketball games. But couldn't you talk about it? Saying what's wrong to fix it. But she didn't.

Or here's another man who has been in a relationship for 8 years. He found out about his girlfriend's betrayal and left. And it could have ended there, but he did the same with the other. He had an affair with a married woman at work. He wanted to destroy someone else's marriage and he succeeded. But if you are alone, then there are many people around. Stop aiming at those who are already in a relationship.

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Bad people give you lessons and experiences. These two examples have a lot in common. The first had everything for happiness, but it was not enough for her. The second decided to take revenge on the ex by using a married woman. In both cases, they lacked dignity and respect.

Cheaters, stop whining.

Many cheaters pretend to be victims. They are adults, they know what is right and what is wrong. But they still manage to impute guilt to you for their betrayal. And this not only destroys you from the inside, but according to them, you are the reason for their betrayal. They will never admit their responsibility, they will say that they just made a mistake.

But no, a mistake is an accident, and cheating is a deliberate choice. Nobody forced you to do it.

Or, when they cry, do they think we will pity them? Not! Why cry? Do you feel guilty? Or because you got caught? Or because you can't choose between two people?

Cheaters, stop whining when you destroy your relationship with your own hands. Stop crying when sleeping with others, when cheating on your partner. When you hurt him and your children. Think about the consequences of your own actions, don't blame others. The only one in charge is you.

If something is wrong with your relationship, talk to each other, go to a psychologist . If you've tried to mend a relationship but nothing works, just break up, but don't change. Not necessary. The new person with whom you cheat will never completely trust you, never respect you. Do you know why? Because I saw what you did to your ex. All people have feelings. If you no longer want to build a relationship with someone, then just say so, but do not change.