8 Way To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship
We have all heard the phrase: "You will understand when you meet your man." They say it happens instinctively, just your body knows that you will be fine with a particular person. And just the opposite: if you feel bad with someone, the body also warns about it. It reacts even faster than the mind and even more so the heart.

If you feel the following signs, then you are probably with the wrong person:

1. You feel tension around him, even when he is kind to you. There is no reason to worry, but you are constantly on pins and needles.

2. You don't feel his body language . His gaze is blank, his smile does not seem sincere. He says one thing, but another is read in his body, facial expressions, gestures. Your subconscious mind notices such details and gives hints that something is wrong.

3. You sometimes think that he keeps a terrible secret from you. This is how you can describe this feeling. If a person is honest with you, this will not happen.

4. You don't like the smell of it. And it's not about his cologne, but about its natural scent. It sounds strange, but we are attracted to each other at the level of pheromones. And if you feel that you no longer like its smell, then it does not attract you anymore.

5. Even when you are happy, it seems to you that not everything is as it should be. Everything seems to be good and he is good, but something is wrong.

6. You can't look away from him, but not in a good way. Out of fear . Your subconscious mind watches him like a predator that can attack you at any moment.

7. When you first met you felt the urge to run away, but stayed because he seemed nice.

8. A thought of being with him for the rest of your life scares you. You can't imagine you together for long, and you don't want to.