7 Things Men Don't Care About Women

If you are worried about what a man will think of you, then you need to know that in fact they notice much less than you think:
1. Your cellulite. Some men don't even know what it is, and when I showed the photo to my boyfriend, he saw only ass.

2. The sight and smell of your vagina . Believe me, a man does not pay attention to this at all, if, of course, you observe hygiene. When he loves you and when he wants you, nothing will stop him, and after that he will not think about it.

3 . If you don't like football - that's okay ! You don't have to sit with him and pretend that you are interested. Better mind your own business, and then join him.

4. Your chest . Men love any breast: large, medium, small. Some may be obsessed with the big size, but most just love it to be.

5. Hair on the legs. Maybe on first dates this affects the man's impression of you, but when you are in a relationship, most people don't care. Not that he wants you never to shave your legs, but it's okay if you don't always do it on time.

6. Drink a lot. Do not try to show the man that you can drink him, that you are still a reveler. Because if he is physically bigger than you, then at the end of the evening you will just vomit right on him.

7. Hide your real foot size, height, weight . Honestly: if he already liked you, he doesn't care what number you have in these parameters.