7 inconvenient truths to know about love

1. Love can happen more than once in a lifetime. And it often happens.

This means not just that you can fall in love many times - many people felt it. This means that you can truly love more than once. So do not despair if one of your great love ended in a broken heart. Still possible.

2. In love, you need to be vulnerable.

The worst thing about love is that you don't know how everything will turn out. Therefore, we are afraid to fully open up to a person. But at the same time, in order to give love the best chance, you need to be vulnerable. Risky, uncomfortable, but necessary.

3. Love can be emotionally difficult, but it shouldn't hurt.

Love will never be fabulous, but it shouldn't be all hell. You should never tell yourself that love is worth the pain, or that pain is worth the love you are fighting for. This is fraught with dangerous relationships. If you are in more pain than joy, it is one-sided love.

4. Love is different for everyone.

You may have expectations, but each love is different and it will definitely not be like your past relationship or anyone else's. Write your new story.

5. Love is not lust.

Love is stronger than physical attraction. And that same love at first sight is most often just passion and lust at first sight. Love deeper, beauty is transient.

6. The success of love largely depends on patience, willingness to make sacrifices and compromises.

Again: love should be two-way, with the efforts of both partners. You will not like everything in each other, but love encourages you to close your eyes - the main thing is not to close your eyes to something really serious.

7. Love changes you.

Love should encourage both of you to grow and develop, become better, open up new opportunities in you.