5 tips for what to do when a man moves away from you

If you feel that something is wrong with your man, that he has moved away and is no longer the same as he was in relation to you before, here is what is better to do:

1. Leave him alone for a while.

The worst thing you can do is make him tell you what happened. Better leave him alone. Let him think about what he wants to think about now. Don't call him, don't write, and don't meet with him if he's not ready.

When he is alone, he will decide whether he wants to be with you or not. You still cannot influence this decision, and if you question him, beg him or “nag” it will only get worse.

2. When he returns, behave like a friend, not an enemy.

You are his partner, therefore you should be near and by his side in good and bad times. So if something happens to him, do not rush to conclusions. You won't achieve anything if you talk to him like an enemy. It is better to talk to him as a friend, tell him that you understand that he is going through something difficult, that you want to help him as much as possible. So he will know that he can rely on you, that you will not aggravate his condition with screams or insults.

3. When he returns to normal, ask him what happened to him.

You deserve to know this, especially if he really doubted whether to be with you or not. You did not sleep at night, waited for his call or message, and did not know what to think. So you have the right to ask him why he behaved this way. If he loves you, then he will open to you, and if not, then think about whether it is worth being with someone who does not trust you.

4. Remember that you have a life even without him.

If your man is distant, this does not mean that you need to focus only on him. You have you and your life, especially when you are not sure that he will return. You can't lose sleep over a man who doesn't want you to know what's going on with him. You can't help him if he won't let you. Be patient and get on with your life.

5. Always put yourself first, no matter how much you love him.

It's bad when a man moves away, but this is not a reason to end his happy life. Think about yourself. If he wants to, help him, but worrying about someone who is not sure whether they want to be with you is not a good idea. You only hurt yourself.

If a man does this on a regular basis: he comes to you, then disappears - do not tolerate this and do not suffer. Remember that you are the reason for your happiness, not him.