5 reasons why you're still with him when you know you shouldn't

You are not stupid. You know that this man is not worth your attention, that he does not deserve that you even think about him, let alone anything more.

You know he's no good for anything. That he treats you badly, that you shouldn't be with him, even if he is the last man on earth. Despite all this, you cannot leave. Why?

1. Deep down, you hope that he will change.

You tell everyone that you have already stopped hoping that he will become what you deserve, but in fact, you still hope for a miracle. You still believe that he will change and you want to be there when that happens.

You keep giving him "one more last chance" because you think that he is about to become the right person, that he will see that you are a worthwhile woman and you need to be appreciated.

2. You think that you will be the one who will save him

Another reason many women stay with men they shouldn't be is because they want to save them. You can think of yourself as a superwoman who will solve all his problems, who thinks that only she can handle it.

You think you can open his heart of love. And then you just can't leave, because that would mean your failure. You don't see him as a toxic man who takes advantage of you. You see him as a lost soul who needs help. You cannot leave, because you think that without you he cannot at all, his welfare becomes your responsibility.

3. You are afraid to be left alone.

It is absurd, but true: this man has become your comfort zone. You don't know what to do without him, even if he treats you badly. Better crumbs of his attention and love than nothing at all, you think. But in reality, you are just afraid to be alone. But aren't you more lonely around him?

4. You feel sorry for all the time you spent on it.

You have been with him for a very long time. You spent all your patience and energy on him. Months, maybe years of life. And now you don't want to give up thinking that you are close to the finish line. You want your sacrifices to be justified.

But the truth is, it's better to end it now than to keep on wasting time and energy on it. Take a lesson from this. Look at this time as an opportunity to learn something, not regret it.

5. You think you can't find anyone better.

You think all men are the same. That anyone else will break your heart too, so why change an awl for soap? You already know what to expect from him, even if it's only bad.

Well, you just didn't give anyone a chance to prove you otherwise. You never know until you try. And it's worth a try.