20 signs that you're a self-sufficient woman that will surprise a man

1. You don't expect him to write to you 24/7 and tell you where he is and what he is doing, because you trust him.

2. You do not force him to buy you gifts or things, do not think that he should do it at all.

3. You understand that he has a life outside the relationship and do not think that he should spend all the time with you.

4. You do not broadcast all the details of your relationship on the social network, but prefer to keep it private.

5. You look after yourself: as for health, there and for appearance.

6. You have your own life outside of relationships. You go out with friends, do your hobbies, and can spend time alone.

7. You resolve conflicts maturely. You don't expect a man to yield to you. You want to discuss everything and find a solution, a compromise.

8. You tell him what you think. If you're angry or upset, you talk about it, rather than pretending that everything is fine, hoping that he will understand.

9. You do not expect that only a man will take on all financial issues. You are ready to split the account and maintain a joint budget.

10. You do not leave a man in a difficult period for him. You motivate him to make his dreams come true and support him in everything.

11. But if the relationship is not moving or developing, you are ready to make a difficult decision.

12. You don't cheat. When you decide to be with someone, you want to build that relationship and not hurt the person.

13. You don't need him to "save" you. You do not think that he should make you happy and solve all your problems.

14. You appreciate a man for who he is. You are not comparing him to exes or boyfriends of girlfriends.

15. You speak directly about your sexual needs. If you don't like something, you are not ashamed to say it.

16. You do not tolerate disrespect and any violence. You know your worth and do not lower your standards. You’re more likely to leave if the relationship becomes toxic.

17. You do not change yourself for the sake of anyone . If you want to lose weight or exercise, it's only because you want to.

18. You are not afraid of his girlfriends or female colleagues, do not feel threatened by them, because you are confident in yourself and in him.

19. You are not afraid to say what you want out of the relationship.

20. You are confident. You know how to accept compliments, but you don't need constant assurances that you are beautiful and that he loves you. You already know that.