How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?- Is cheating an intentional act? How can I stop a cheating partner? What should I do with a cheating romantic partner? Cheating is good!

How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?- Is cheating an intentional act? Is cheating an intentional act?  How can I stop a cheating partner? What should I do with a romantic partner?

Every now and then,we hear lovers cry and complain of being cheated on by their partners! These cheaters are people who are dearly loved by their partners and who also profess to love their partners as well. So why cheat? Yes why? If you love someone based on choice and not by force,why would you go cheat on him or her?

Is cheating an intentional act or does it happen by accident or mistake? Should a cheater be forgiven by his or her partner? Can a lover make a cheating partner stop cheating? Can cheating partner ever change?

Answers to these questions will help us see  whether one can help a partner stop cheating or not.

How Can I Stop My Partner From Cheating?

Can anyone actually stop a cheater from cheating? Does anyone have the power to change another person's behavior? Well I doubt! This is because behaviors are choices of desire,products and evidences of ones thought. No reasonable person wakes up and does anything for no reason.  Before someone does anything,he is aware of it already! He has resolved in his heart to carry out any action he wants to and so,if you think you are the person that could stop this one from what he does,my dear this is a big dream that may never come true! He who has the power to do it,is the one who has the power to also stop it!

Is cheating an intentional act?

Truly speaking,no one is born to be a cheater. It is not natural for anyone to become a cheater but one can choose either to cheat on one's partner or to be faithful even if a situation calls for it. Yes,we hear cheaters say ''please it was not intentional,I didn't know when it all happened and so on and so forth...'' Lies...

You didn't know when it was happening? So who was doing it on the bed? Who was torching the ups and downs on the body and mooing in sweetness huh? The devil abi? Tell me how and why it is not intentional when it was you who calculated when,where and whom you would do it with?

So it is obviously intentional that you wanted to have another person but you didn't call it 'cheat'. You called it 'fun'! So go on and tell your partner that it was only fun you had and see what and how it feels to have an illicit romantic affairs with a non romantic partner.

What Should I Do With A Cheating Partner?

Okay,now you know you have an unfaithful partner whom you cannot change no matter how much you try,what should you do? Leave him? Continue putting up with him hoping he will change some day?

Well while some people would suggest you find out why he cheats I advise you simply find out if he is ready and willing to change. This is because,there is no cause or reason that quantifies or justifies the act of cheating! If your partner needs what you lack and he really wants to be faithful to you,he will simply tell you and help you to have what he needs from you rather than going after someone else who has it. He doesn't want to tell you to adjust or improve your personality makeup for his likes because he really desires and wants to have another romantic partner! If he told you,he knew you would quickly do so and he wouldn't be willing or have any reason to cheat on you!

People cheat on their lovers as if their joy can never be complete if they stick to just one partner! People feel if they don't try someone else or make love to someone else other than their partners they would be missing something else somewhere!!

This is not true! Ask cheaters and they would tell you the same thing! No cheater ever gets added joy by cheating on his or her partner but only end up having some emotional emptiness,feeling bad sooner than later.

It pays to keep to one partner! It pays to control one's urge to have s*x with someone else other than  your partner!

Dear Motivational friend,call your partner anytime you are feeling horny...Even if he is far away call him or her and say the love thing on video chat or phone calls. If he or she is truly your partner,you will definitely get all the satisfaction you are looking for!

Why Cheating Is Good

While we are not here to sing praises to cheaters or encourage people to cheat on their partners,we truly believe that somehow,cheating is good. In a way,it is a silent answer to someone who is difficult to be removed ,someone who has become a toxin to another person, someone who has or who is forcing him or herself into someone else's life to leave! Only people who are in wrong relationships,people who force themselves into love,people who pretend to love someone or who lack feelings with someone in relationship fail to be satisfied in their relationships. So they go cheating,trying to find joy and get satisfaction elsewhere! Click to read this: How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested

Just why you should be in a relationship with someone you don't truly love or who does not love you I do not understand! Isn't that the most traumatic thing to bear? I mean how could you be with someone whose presence does not give you joy as a lover? This is killing! Let him go! Tell him or her how hurt you feel about everything and let them know it is causing your life so much pain and of course yes it is!! Read more here: What It Means To Be In Love.

Why Cheating Is Bad

Again,there is this thing that gets me crazy about people who cheat on their lovers.I mean ,if you love someone you are in a relationship with,if you truly love your partner like he or she is your life and sweet soulmate why cheat on him or on her?  Truly and truly speaking,lovers who cheat on their partners are considered as mentally ill people! And if you are blessed to be loved by someone you love and you still cheat on him or her,then you are very very sick! Sick of something only you can cure!

How can I stop my partner from cheating? No you can't! You can't stop someone who cheats on you because he wants to do so and he is the only person who can also stop it!

Even if you advise him,cry and plead with him,you cannot still stop him or her. Cheaters are the only ones who can stop themselves from cheating!!!

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