iRobot Braava Jet m6 specifications and Preview

iRobot Braava Jet m6

Robot vacuums are nice, particularly if you've got a lot of floor cover or throw rugs, however if you've got largely hardwood or tile, you would possibly wish to contemplate a robot mop instead.

They do not get far better than iRobot's latest, the Braava m6. With long battery life and also the ability to hide 1,000 sq. feet in a very session, the m6 is appropriate for each flats and bigger homes. And if you've got a multitude that does not need swabbing, that's OK, as a result of the m6 sweeps too. It will even observe carpets and plan your home, therefore you'll be able to send it to specific rooms. At $499, it's costlier that almost all of the competition, and extremely hollow stains can still need some manual intervention, however the m6 is that the best robot mop for keeping your floors screaky clean on an everyday basis, and our Editors' selection.
The Braava Jet m6 is compact, at 3.5 by 10.0 by 10.6 inches (HWD). It weighs 5 pounds, creating it straightforward to select up and move round the house. the highest panel holds a rear moorage detector, a camera, and a carrying handle. the highest is additionally home to the lid that covers the tank, higher than that you will find Home, Clean, and Spot Clean buttons, in addition because the RCON detector (room confinement). Lights round the lid are solid once the robot is absolutely charged and blink once it's charging.
The front incorporates a exactness jet spray nozzle and a pad eject button. Flip the m6 over to search out charging contacts, wheels, a pad reader, pad tracks, and cliff sensors.
You also get a home base charging station, that options wire storage, associate IR detector window, and a removable drip receptacle.

Accessories within the box embrace 3 wet swabbing pads, 3 dry sweeping pads, and a sample bottle of improvement answer. further improvement pads are available in packs of seven for $7.99. each varieties of pads additionally are available in washable  microfiber versions.

Setup, App, and Voice management
To get started, enter the charging station and connect the drip tray. Then transfer the iRobot Home app (available for android and iOS) and make an account. opt for Braava jet from the menu, enter your Wi-Fi arcanum, then press and hold the Spot and residential buttons on the m6 at the same time. Once it beeps, choose your model from the menu and watch for it to attach to your network, once that setup is complete.
The app is easy and inuitive to use. the most screen options a giant Clean button to begin and stop improvement, higher than that you will find the battery level indicator and also the improvement mode you are in (dry sweep or wet mop). the lowest of the screen has tabs for Schedule, History, Smart Maps, Help, and Settings. faucet the Schedule tab to assign the m6 to wash on a particular day and time. The History tab brings up a log of your improvement sessions. smart Maps shows the layout of your house, that takes a couple of rounds for the golem to find out. you'll be able to then label specific rooms to send it to if you do not wish it to wash your entire home. the assistance tab homes care and maintenance manuals, an owner's guide, FAQs, and warrant data. The Settings tab is wherever you'll be able to change your Wi-Fi data, switch the language, find the robot, and perform a plant reset.

You can additionally connect the m6 to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant via their various apps. Once connected, you'll be able to issue voice commands through your phone or alternative compatible devices to inform the robot to begin, stop, pause, or return to the dock.

I started testing by exploitation the m6 to dry sweep my lounge and room. I merely softened the sweeping pad on the lowest, waited for the app to acknowledge the pad, then abroach Clean. whereas my living accommodations was already pretty tiday from testing several robot vacuums, the pad managed to select up a stunning quantity of dirt and hair that was concealing round the room and beneath the couch. It additionally displayed knowledgeable navigation chops because of its camera and sensors, therefore I ne'er had to rescue it from any powerful spots.
After the m6 finished sweeping, I swapped in a very wet swabbing pad and a few of the enclosed improvement answer (you can even simply use water). once swabbing, the m6 sprays a particular space and goes over it a couple of times before moving on and continuance the method, reading a lot additional dirt and grime than I expected. Once it had been done, the pad was utterly coated in filth (gross, I know) and my floors felt notably cleaner.

The mop does not appear powerful enough to require care of actually hollow stains, however I did not have any to check it on. the great news is that if you run it often, you doubtless will not have any either.

Thanks to its optical maser navigation sensor, the m6 will acknowledge carpet. In testing, whenever it'd get on the point of the floor cover in my living room, it would circle and head back toward the hardwood floors. The smart Map feature additionally worked well. once four or 5 runs, it learned the layout of my living accommodations and generated a architectural plan within the app, permitting me to label the various rooms, and send the robot to specific ones.
The m6 additionally works in tandem with iRobot's Roomba i7 and Roomba s9 robot vacuums. you'll be able to link them within the app, and once the vacuum is finished improvement, the m6 can then leave and mop the freshly vacuumed areas.

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