Google Fi makes clever use of the Pixel 4’s Dual SIM Dual Standby tech

Google Fi makes clever use of the Pixel 4’s Dual SIM Dual Standby tech

It switches between T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular on the fly.

Google’s MVNO wireless service Google Fi  has offered sure users a unique benefit: it will piggyback on multiple networks. reckoning on that one is stronger, some robot phones on Fi will use either T-Mobile, Sprint, or U.S. Cellular. The feature is especially used on component phones, and currently with the pixel 4, Fi is taking advantage of that phone’s twin SIM twin Standby (DSDS) feature.

DSDS will just about what it says: 2 different SIM cards will be on “standby,” responsive to the state for his or her individual networks. The pixel 4, like several trendy phones, has a physical SIM slot and an eSIM. Typically, a user would have a unique network on every SIM so they may use one for knowledge and another for calls.

On the pixel 4, Google is putting each of these SIMs on the Fi network. That way, every will search for that one is strongest and switch to that on the fly while not interrupting knowledge. component phones may switch between those networks before, however almost this seamlessly.

This doesn’t mean each networks square measure active at an equivalent time, solely that they're each on standby, therefore it shouldn’t hit battery life. That’s a relief as a result of the pixel 4 doesn’t have abundant battery to spare.
Google calls it “dual connect,” and tho' it’s alittle improvement over however the radios worked with Fi’s network before, it’s a wise one. To start, Google is merely sanctioning the feature on phones purchased from the Google Store or via Google Fi. it's rolling the feature out as a software update “over consecutive few weeks,” and it intends to feature it to alternative Fi devices “over time.”
Devices that aren’t expressly Fi-compatible  like iPhones won’t be ready to profit of the feature. Those phones find yourself simply landing on T-Mobile’s network in my experience.

Google has experimented with lots of totally different options and plans for Fi. It started by providing a transparent per-GB arrange, however it eventually capitulated and additional a additional ancient (and additional caveat-ridden) Unlimited arrange last month. It also offers knowledge SIMs at no extra value, a free Google-hosted VPN for robot users, and no further roaming fees on international knowledge. Despite all of that, the service hasn’t precisely kicked off as a serious contender within the U.S..

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