What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!-Woman, Man, Pair, Keep, Trust, Passion
What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

So he has finally realized you are just the right person for him right?  That serves him right. And he realizes this because of whom you truly are,the action you took and your approach towards relationship. Well done gal.

You see it is not in every failed or broken relationship that ex later comes back. Some would wait for dunking years praying and changing their attitudes to be likable,while others would seriously engage in some other actions one could think of to see if their ex would come back but to no avail. Yes I have see so many who never did any thing to impress their ex and still have their ex come back to them. That is life!!

However,I have also seen situations where some ex came back but the doors were completely shot on them without even a green dim light. That is a case of forgiven and forgotten relationship!

But what if you have been longing for your ex to come back and he does come what should you do? How should you act? Should you openly embrace him and throw for him a welcome party?  This is what to do when your ex is wanting you back!!

What To Do When Your Ex Is Wanting You Back!

  • First let him see  that your life does not depend on anyone who leaves you. This means you should not give him an open embrace immediately.

  • Next time he draws nearer,remind him of his last words or actions that ended the relationship. Watch him act and see if his response is reasonable.

  • Ask him what he wants from you this time. Refuse it if he tells you ''relationship''. Remind him you have had a relationship with him before. This is where and when you will know his true intention for you.

  • Avoid any further waste of your time with him.Give him room to go for marriage rites with you and if he is not willing open the door wide for him to leave you for good because there would still be a second breakup.

  • Any ex who comes back has made up his mind to walk down the isle with you. If you still love him enough to do the same with him and he declares this intention it is now time you open wide your arms for him.

  • Love him like you never did before and make him feel loved.

  • Forgive him completely in such a way that when you remember your breakup with him you won't feel hurt anymore.

  • Yes,make changes that will suit him and make him appreciate and love you more.

  • Finally,respect this gentleman and respect him to the moon and back!!

Do not feel bad that you had a breakup with your ex and he is wanting you back. Breakup is one of the right processes that lead to building a stronger relationship that will pass and endure the test of times to come.

When you check properly,you will find out that majority of divorces we have today are of those who never had breakup or who conceal serious issues and neglect them while they were dating!!!

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