My Girlfriend Had A Boyfriend Before Me. Should I Break Up With Her?

My Girlfriend Had A Boyfriend Before Me. Should I Break Up With Her?

I don't understand. Your girlfriend HAD a boyfriend before you and you are contemplating to break up for that? If you break up with her and the next person you will have becomes a girl who never had a boyfriend what then happens?

Some of these boys don't understand the meaning of relationship and they just enter it because they see others are in it. This is stupidity. No wonder many times,most of them sustain serious emotional injuries that the next thing is to commit suicide. Do you think that relationship is a platform where boys and girls engage to rub hearts? You really must be a joker. You found out that your girlfriend had a boyfriend before you and you want to break up with her just like that? Hello!  I am sure he is still a very young lad growing up in his mother's home and unfortunately,he didn't drop his name.

Dear anonymous,it matters nothing if your girlfriend have had tens of boyfriends before you . Relationship is not a competition between lovers. It is not a place to discuss affairs of formerlities ( affairs with exes).

Relationship is a medium where two lovers,people who are attracted to each other meet to achieve a goal of coming together as husband  and wife. They love each other regardless of whom they are,whom they were,and regardless of their past lives.

Obviously the anonymous who brought the issue above is not interested in his so called girlfriend. I don't see him being her lover in anyway. And in fact,he is not in any relationship with his so called girlfriend to realize the common goal of relationship.

My girlfriend had a boyfriend before me should I break up with her?  YES PLEASE! Gently  leave that little girl alone for a lover who will love her and take care of her as his own. She is not for your kind of person. She deserves better. Her heart is so precious and we wouldn't want her to lose it for nothing.

Next time when you want to be in a relationship.make sure it is with someone you are attracted to. Someone you desire and want to spend the rest of your life with and not just with any opposite sex you come across to and think you could could rub her heart today and get away tomorrow!!

Hey girls,be careful with these guys you call your boyfriends!!! Read more here: How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?

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