List Of Different Needs In Relationship. Which Is Yours?

What Are Your Needs In A Relationship?-Shelter, Rain, Couple, Umbrella
What Are Your Needs In A Relationship?

You see,this question is very important. Most people see relationship as a MUST channel that leads people to marriage. Yes, people still have different  needs in their relationships other than marriage intention. This is to say that different people have different purposes or reasons why they are in relationships. So you,what are your needs in a relationship? Why are you in a relationship?

Here are general reasons why people may be in relationships and hope you find yours or otherwise please write to us in the comment box.

  • Just want to know more: Not every party in a relationship is a lover. Some people want to be in relationships just to know the other person more. Does this make them become lovers after all? Well,these kind of people seem to be on a mission to  just know more about the other person and that is it.

  • Another reason why people are in relationships is to get connected. For example,if you want to get connected with someone who is far above your reach,it might be easier to achieve this through someone closer to him perhaps his aide. Unfortunately,this aide may ask you for a relationship before giving you a link and sometimes you might even be the one wanting a relationship with the aide just to get what you want.

  • To grow careers. Yes,this is another strong reason why some people may be in relationships.  Whether you love someone or not,the moment you find out that one man or even a woman has all it takes to help you build your career and achieve success,if he or she asked you for a relationship would you say no? Well,no desperate career lady or gentleman would say that. It is always yes to anyone who has all it takes to make their dreams come true.

  • Satisfaction of romantic feelings. Whether it is infatuation or true love,once someone has feelings for an opposite s*x,his or her need is to be in a relationship with his or her crush.

  • Marriage: This is one genuine reason why lovers want to be in a relationship. Yes they want to be in marriage with each other and live with each other as long as they are alive.

  • For escape: This is especially so when someone just has a breakup or lost a lover to someone else. At that moment your heart is still open to love and it is only a relationship with someone else that could fill this need. To escape boredom, feeling of rejection,pains and sadness associated to breakup,one needs to be in a relationship.

  • To have a child: There are some people who are in relationships with opposite s*x just to have children. Once this is achieved,the relationship is over.

What are your needs in a relationship? Please tell us!!!

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