Is It Okay To Wait For Someone I am Not Sure Of His Or Her Love?

Is It Okay To Wait For Someone I am Not Sure Of His Or Her Love? -Character, Back To Back, Male, Woman

Okay so a lot of people are still having this issue of indecisiveness and uncertainty about someone they are attracted to.

You meet a girl and she tells you she is not sure yet,what should you do? Is it okay to wait for someone I am not sure of his or her love?

What if you have a guy and he hasn't given you any serious response but what he wants is for both of you to just be in a normal or friendly relationship? Is it okay to wait for someone I am not sure of his or her response? What should you do if you find yourself in this case?

Well,the truth is that where there is love,there is positive response! Love is patient but not slow in response. When a man loves you but is not ready for marriage you would know it and you would also feel it. You would see it all around him that the readiness is not there but he is keeping in touch with you.

Moreover,when a man has found himself and the readiness is all there for marriage and he tells you to wait,give the relationship sometime or that he wants both of you to just be in a friendly relationship,my dear,it is very unwise to keep having faith in such a man hoping by tomorrow he would change and marry you.
There is something about men that I love. It is the fact that they don't hide their sayings of heart. In their actions they express what they are to you. But when we ladies are in love,we cover our eyes,blind mind eye that we cannot see all this.

Silence they say speaks louder than words. Things are expressed either in words or in actions.  If you are in a relationship with someone and he or she gives you silence for answer,they are saying they are not willing,interested or ready to have anything serious with you yet.

Yes,if your boy or girlfriend tells you ''Let's just be normal friends for now'' my dear it is a clear message that they don't want to be in a serious relationship with you. They just want to be friends and that is all.

Remember,when something is not ready,it will never show up,appreciate or yield anything positive.

So why wait for anyone who does not want you? Why wait for someone who has not shown interest in you? This is like standing in front of a wall that would never be opened or make way for you. The earlier you take your leave the better you would have started making your way to success in finding a soulmate,someone who is willing to be with you in sickness and in health,in riches and in poverty until death do you apart!!!

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