How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me? Follow This Golden Rule!!

How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me? Follow This Golden Rule!!-Model, Flowers, Bouquet Of Flowers

Hey? How do you get a girl to like you? Are you now begging people to accept you the way you are like you are no body? That means you either don't believe you have what it takes to attract some girls or you don't have what it takes to impress your dream girl.

Men who have been made,who have found themselves on the platter of gold do not beg ladies to like them. Their possessions get ladies running after them!!

Take a look at this experience of a young guy in India. It simply shows that if you keep chasing after a girl,you won't ever get her. But if you work on yourself,concentrate to build yourself and achieve your goals in life,she will not only come after you,but she will chase you bomber to bomber. Enjoy the experience:

''When i was in grade 10, i was badly crushing on a girl. Out of my love for her, i gave her too much attention than she required, thinking she would love be back. It quite didn't work for me. She would ignore me, everytime she would see.
I would wait the whole day for her to come online. I had lost a track of my studies and all my day and my energy would be invested in pleasing her.
Still, she wasn't convinced. I then went up to my sister, asked her the same question as this. She came up with a golden rule.
“If you chase a girl, she would never chase you back”
I worked on her advice. I kept ignoring her hoping that she would one-day notice. She didn't.
This process of ignoring her went on for a month and soon i got used to it. I had started focussing more on my studies and my extra curriculars. I was primarily goal oriented.
One day a notification popped up on my facebook profile( xyz accepted your friend request). I had sent her a request long back which she never accepted till today. A message followed the notification.
She: Hey, Congrats. You were really great today at the Sports Meet. I knew that you would win the race.
I grinned. A sly smile played on my face. Our conversation continued. I kept my calm and acted as maturely as i could. My replies were short and on point.
Later that night.
She: You liked me once, didn't you?
Me: Umm, Did i ? I never confessed anything.
She: No you didn't, but your actions spoke louder.
Me: I don't even remember. I was stupid.
She: No you weren't.
After a pause. She again messaged.
She: Do you still have feelings for me? No, i mean if you have, you should take a shot and confess. You never know when things take a turn.
Me: Miles to go Before I Sleep, Sister. I need to work on my project.

I was happy. I had finally learnt,
How do you get a girl to like me.
No. Not your looks or your money. What impresses a girl are your skills and you perception towards your goal in life.
I had wasted a major part of my school life giving the girl undue attention which she never wanted. She was never impressed because i had no impressive qualities to impress her.
She wasn't wrong either, she simply wanted a guy who has a life and is pretty skilled. Why would a girl fall for someone who does not have a goal in life ?
I had invested a major portion of my time and energy in pleasing her the wrong way. It deviated me from my goal in life.
So, Work on your goals and you would surely get your girl. The process is time taking but works the best.''

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