10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone Love, Heart, Harmony, Affection

If you are a girlfriend trying to make a man stay and he is knocking off,don't worry, your story will soon be over. But if you are a man trying to make a woman stay but she is puffing up, try harder because your story in life will never change for good without her. Don't worry,you will understand this,at the end of this article.

But why would someone extinguish,that is quench or kill a romantic feelings for someone when love is ooh...sweet? Surely there has never been love in return. Someone reading this has been trying to force love be but love has refused to stay!!

If there is anything that tears the heart in pieces,making it shapeless in figure, it is not when the heart is in want of love but when it is opened to love but does not see love in return. It breaks and shatters the whole being of the heart,mind and soul!!

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If you love someone but he or she does not love you in return,it is a total waist of huge resources. You really need to extinguish such romantic feelings for the unlovable to avoid getting love sickness. Here are what you should do to extinguish romantic feelings for someone who doesn't love you in return:

How To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

  • Always remember there is no best of anything including man on earth. Why dying for someone you may even be better than?

  • Nothing lasts forever. Even if you are loved,it's only going to be temporary. Sooner or later,( at death) that love will expire and still leave you living without him or her.

  • Don't forget,'no one can ever love you as much as you love yourself.'  You need little or no one especially to survive.Why die for reasonably nothing?

  • Think less of anyone who does not want to be with you and spend more time building yourself to be your better self.

  • Again remember,the feelings you have for the unlovable was generated by you. You can also destroy it by revising actions you took to develop the feelings for that person. Yes,think less of him everyday.

  • Begin to see perfection in other opposite s*x around you. In that case,he will be shifting while you are making room for others.

  • Most times,the people we have genuine romantic feelings for are those who do not have much to write home about. Just commoners,trying to fix things. Always have this in mind.

  • It takes two to tango you know?Anyone who does not love you in return is not worth thinking about. It can't work. Even if you buy it and force it to be,you will not enjoy it. Simply leave it!!

  • Any man or woman who doesn't love you loves someone else. This doesn't mean he hates you. It simply means there is someone out there who will love you even more than you expect or ask for. Leave the unlovable and wait for your lover's arrival.

  • Finally,when his memory comes to your mind,don't frown at it. laugh at it and simply wave it off!!

Yes,if you are a woman trying to keep a boyfriend who does not want to stay,you are wrong! Why are you making it look as if you cannot live without him? Men are the people who cannot live without women because women are their compliments. Men need women to live,succeed and survive in their lives and that is why if you are a man trying to make a girlfriend stay,you really need to try harder by caring more because you need her,a woman to live your life!!!

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