10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On A Date-Why date someone,are date good for you?

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On A Date-People, Happy, Happiness, Couple
10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On A Date

Whether your relationship is defined or not,once you are emotionally attached or attracted to a guy and you both are getting very much along with each other,you are dating.

No doubt,a man who loves a woman and vise versa will likely end with him or her in marriage. However,not all relationships end in marriage and  not all marriages end well.

There are relationships that kick off smoothly and later end up roughly whereas there are others which cases are on the contrary.

How can young men and women dating have a smooth running relationships? How could you make your relationship as sweet smelling as rose flowers? 

You really need to know very well about your partner's interest in life. You really need to know him or her in dept to see if you are of any match. These are achieved through the use of questions.

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10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guy On Date

  • First ask your friend the kind of woman he would like to have as his wife. This question is very important because,many times men are led by infatuations,things they see with their eyes which are not depicted by the actual personality of someone. Listen carefully to see if his description matches your person.

  • What is his relationship with his family members? Who is his best among his family members and why? This question is very important because it will give you a better clue the attitudes that make him like someone.

  • Social lifestyle is part of life but not everyone enjoys taking part in it. Find out his take on it and see which side he belongs. This will help you to moderate your lifestyle as well.

  • Are there some strong habits he exhibits such as smoking and indulging in heavy drinking? Can you accommodate that? Do you have the power to help him change? The earlier you find out about these things the better for you.

  • What kind of friends does your boyfriend keep? This question would help you see the inner person of your friend. That your friend you are dying for. The man that makes you sometimes lose your appetite (You can imagine)

  • Is your boyfriend the accommodating type who would not close doors on your parent and relatives? Is he stingy,the type who does not like to give out? My dear lady this is very important you find out to know what to expect tomorrow.

  • Where would your boyfriend like to be in the next 10 years? This will help you to see if he has a common goal with you. Some men think that marriage is all about child bearing and they could keep doing that as long as they live.

  • How many people has your boyfriend slept with in the past one month? Ask him. This will help you to know if your boyfriend is a s*x monger or not. You know what you want! Go for it!!

  • How much does your boyfriend earn? However this question might look,it is important because he is your boyfriend and you both are trying to see how to make ways together. Don't see yourself as an intruder.

  • Finally,find out from your boyfriend the last time he had a police case and why. It will only help you see more and know more about the man you are going out with and the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with!!!

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