How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?

How Do I Cope With My Ex Dating Another Guy?-Romantic, Hug, Togetherness, Embrace

What? Are you feeling so angry and uncomfortable that your ex is dating someone else? Your ex? This is something about men-They are usually over jealous when they have got to be jealous.

What happened to your relationship with your ex and how did it crack? Who initiated the ending of the relationship? You didn't tell us and from the look of things it was all your fault.

You see,this is why we keep telling you guys to be careful how you end their relationships. You don't initiate a crack in your relationship when you can't bear the loss of it and expect to be happy whenever you see your ex somewhere with someone else.

According to the anonymous who posted the question above it was a relationship of 6 good and hefty  years that ended. Then 6 months later,he saw his ex hanging out with another guy. Then he was so angry and felt like tearing apart the guy who was hanging out with his ex. Guy what for? Is she not your ex? Why did you have to let her go when deep down inside you you still have so much feelings for her?

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What guys do not know is that ladies could be easily wooed by simple care and love. They are not as hard as men who would still leave a woman they have no feelings for no matter how much has been committed in the relationship. They could harden their hearts,they could say no and disappear into a thin air if they are not interested in women so dying to have them.

How do I cope with my ex dating another guy? Simple: Forgive her and forgive yourself too.Understand you both were together and that everything is now in the past between both of you. No matter who initiated the breakup,it is now in the past and you have to let it go!

Can't you get another girlfriend for yourself? Common your heart really needs it. Yes yes it does and that is the reason you felt bad when you saw your ex with someone else! Hey! There are many beautiful ladies out there who could give you the better of what you have lost.

Again,always remember there is no best thing in this life. Your ex you consider as someone you can't do without is nothing but a mere human who could be here today and gone tomorrow. So you can't even have her forever neither. Let her go! She has right to be happy and fulfilled and if she can't be all this with you,it means you have to look for someone else.

Yes,next time you see her again,complement her and share some greetings with her. It's a very good way of letting grudges out of your mind,relieving your heart of pains and envy!!

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