What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

What To Do When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

Well the absolute truth is that this does happen! Yes,people fall in love with the wrong people just as people die. In as much as there are people who are fortunate to meet their exact heart desires,there are still others who do not and who will not. This is life! And this is not because,love affairs or relationship is a game of wit or luck,it is simply because life itself is unfair,very short and troublesome! Yes,people still fall in love,be in gainful relationships and count their gains and losses. What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person!

Is there anyone who is actually termed a wrong person? Absolutely no! But there are actually wrong persons in certain relationships! If you are in a relationship with someone who does not suit your needs and  desires,you are in a relationship with a wrong person! 

If your boyfriend does not call you as often as necessary,not because he is not the calling type but because his heart is with someone else,then you are in love with the wrong person! If he does not care  to know how you feel,if he is not willing to act as a man,to prove his love for you,you are simply in love with the wrong person! What to do when you are in love with the wrong person!!
First of all is that you must admit this is very very painful. Giving your heart to someone who keeps blind to it. Your love,attention and even goodness to him doesn't make any sense to him. It's a big time waste of resources to him as far as he cares.

A young woman I know thought she was in love with the right person. At first everything was smooth. Then as time went on,she began to see the real person she's been in a relationship with. Very phlegmatic and reluctant to her in all ramifications. But he is well spoken of by some other women. ''Hawsh...,that man is so caring and loving...'' others would say about the same man so called phlegmatic and unwilling to do anything right for his so called girlfriend. That is another example of a wrong person in a relationship! What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person right?

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Simply consider yourself having been unfortunate. It's been a hard-knock experience! Don't pretend that what brings sorrow and sadness is joyful and kind,no! Facing reality does not only heal but saves.

As one who feels sad and knocked out, you should take your leave for good. Don't try to continue managing the situation hoping everything will soon turn out fine in time.

Take your leave and give him some space. Let him feel your absence and if anything will eventually change in time it will and you will then see it.

The worse an unmarried woman could do is to manage a wrong person in a relationship thinking and hoping that some day he would change. How??

Sometimes,the situation would not change because the ladies themselves refuse to change their ways by taking right actions of movement.

What to do when you fall in love with the wrong person-Take a leave! Give yourself a break and if you can,take a vacation to another side of the world. If he misses your presence,he would look for you and I pray this time,he would do everything right!!!

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