Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Dating and courtship,dating and relationship,

Is It Okay To Date A Younger Man? Married Couple Romantic Couple Engagement

Okay,I do not know how many of you are interested in this topic that is centered on dating a younger man! But this is all we see around us today. A 60 year old woman marrying a 20 year old boy and the rest of it. Is it okay to date a younger man? What do you think?

Since marriage is the legally coming together of two mature minds who agree to be with each other it would be wrong to say that yes it is not okay for an older woman to marry a younger man since both of them are mature minds. This explains the reason why we have a lot of younger men being husbands to women quite older than they are.

One might also argue that it is not normal as it has never been of any tradition of the world for younger men to marry women quite older than they are. In the beginning,the creator created the man first and after so many years he made a wife for him to be his complement. Yet,is it okay to marry a younger man? It was not the tradition.

However,since attraction,love and understanding are great keys that bind two hearts together in marriage,since the creator and the originator of marriage never stipulates age for marriage or principle on age barrier,neither has any custom or tradition of any people have a say on the topic above,it becomes a matter of choice for both parties!

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Submissiveness and respect are the dues and requirement for any wife to her husband even if her husband is as young as her younger brother. Can she submit to him and deeply have respect for him despite age differences? If she can,then it is quite okay to date a younger man for her.

But why would a very mature woman accept to marry a man young enough to be her son in marriage? Who does the proposal? Could it be the young boy? The old woman? I mean,how could this  have ever happened?

If you are thinking along this lane,you are also irritated and uncomfortable in this kind of relationship. You can't do it. You don't feel it is the right to do! To you it is not okay to date a younger man!

There is more to this issue! In all our vigorous research and investigations,there has not been any man who finds himself in the situation of marrying a much older woman than he is who did so out of pure and true love. They were all trapped into it by strong commitment,hardship and security reasons.

Can we conclude that since dating a younger man is not normal in any society,neither has it been an original concept of any tradition that it is not okay to date a younger man? Keep brainstorming!!!

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