Does Your Partner hide His Or Her Emotional Feelings? Do This!

If there is anything that makes relationship uninteresting,it is when one's partner does not open up his feelings to the other.

Yes relationship begins with little talks here and there and now and then and before you know it,something emotional has been established between tow hearts. 

It is at this point one could say he is in a relationship with someone. Does your partner hide his or her emotional feelings? This could be very difficult but there is something you can do.

Relationship is stirred up in love and feelings but there are people who hide their emotional feelings from their partners. But you feel love and emotional attachment for each other that tells you you both are in love no doubt.

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I had a boy friend who never really told me he loved me for as many years as I could remember we were in a relationship. As a result of this,I could not tell him openly too that I loved him because I wasn't sure what he was up to. But the feelings for both of us were always there. Many times I tried to let him go but he still lingered around. But you know what? I never stopped telling him how unromantic he was. I always told him I wanted a man who would open up to me  and not one who hides his feelings from me.

Yes,just one night,he told me he loved me. I didn't get to feel the impact of his expression because I was already worn off. Not so long,everything went numb and we really parted ways. Does your partner hide his or her emotional feelings? Do this!


A relationship coach I once met online says that when one partner opens up his or her emotional feelings for the other,it becomes easy for the other to do the same. But when the two keep hiding their feelings from each other,the relationship becomes numb and confusing.

That was exactly what I suffered from in my first relationship. I wasn't even sure if I was in a relationship but the feelings he purged in me whenever we had to talk and that which he received compelled me to stay. The feelings we enjoyed whenever we got in touch with each other made it difficult for us to end our various sweet conversations. We never ever wanted to say ''goodbye!''

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In as much as feelings cannot be expressed most times by words but by actions,it is still very very necessary for lovers to mention their emotional and romantic feelings to the hearing of each other. It gives assurance. Yes,it reaffirms promises to keep each each!! Does your partner hide his or her emotional feelings? Do this!! Open up first or make him open up to you!!!

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