Do You Suffer Differences In Your Relationship? Is It Normal?

I don't understand it when it is said that it is better for couples to be persons of different characters when differences of interest bring conflict,causing more problems than could ever be handled. 

Often,it is said that when a man is quiet in nature,he should get a woman of outspoken character for a mate. I just wondered why! Would they be facing court rousing cases or wrestlemania soon in their marriage? Do you suffer differences in your relationship?

The debt of differences in relationship is huge. Sometimes it could mean differences in characters or attitudes. Take a lot at this:

A wife might be someone who does not like to see anything litter on the ground. In her house,she makes sure clothes are picked and packed in their normal places. And her husband? He is a direct opposite of his wife. As he comes in he removes his shirt right in the sitting room and dumps it on a seat. Most times the only problem he always has with his wife borders on his carelessness,habits and dirty attitude. Do you suffer differences in your relationship?

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The truth of the matter is that differences exist where there are two different people living together. Even people with common interests still suffer differences at times. We are all different humans and we should therefore look at the world differently.

Do You Suffer Differences In Your Relationship? Is It Normal?

Yes and very yes! It is normal to suffer differences in relationship. This is why relationship is a school of no graduation  for married couples because they would keep learning and learning different attitudes and makeup of their partners.

Tolerance and adjustment are the key words for couples who want to succeed in their relationships. You can't force any man or woman to dance to your tune or live the kind of life you live. Allowing people live their lives irrespective of how you feel is tolerance. On the other hand,seeing that your attitude irritates your partner,seeing that your life style isn't good and healthy should call for changes. That is adjustment!

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One more point on how to manage differences in your relationship

If you happen to have a partner who doesn't bother where or how things are kept for tidiness,you could try this:

A woman whose husband like the one mentioned above likes to dump his clothes and shoes wherever he dims fit would on seeing her husband throw his shirt on a seat remove hers right in front of him and do the same. You know what? Her husband picked up and said ''What was that?'' And she said: ''Exactly what you just did.''

Our point: No one notices that their actions or behaviors are bad unless they are made to see it! As long as we are persons of different characters we will always experience or suffer differences in our relationships!!!  

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