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Do You Really Have To Be Of  Great Match With Your Partner To Have Successful Relationship? Couple Together, Holding Hands, People

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Yea,and that is a very nice question! Do you really have to be of great match with your partner to have a successful relationship? What is this about being of match with one's partner? Is it having things in common? Being persons of the same character? Being in the same social class? Coming from the same national group and language?  What does it mean to be of match with your partner?
According to one research,it says: ''If the honeymoon phase has come and gone and the two of you still maintain a consistently hot-and-heavy romp schedule, you’re on the road to relationship bliss. In fact, a study published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that having s*x at least once a week brings as much happiness to your relationship as making an extra $50,000. For this study, researchers surveyed more than 30,000 Americans over four decades, and found that having s*x just once a week was the frequency most linked to relationship happiness. Surprisingly, couples who had s*x more or less frequently were not happier. “Intimacy is just another type of communication, so if that communication falters, so will your sexual connection in response,” says Tessina. That being said, your sexual chemistry is not a race to the sack. “If you’re mutually enjoying more sex, than it will make you both happier, but remember that it comes down to both people wanting to be intimate that often,” says Greer.

So the point here bothers on having intimacy and close communication with each other. Is it what it means for couples to be of great match with each other to have a successful relationship? Well I don't see any match linked to close communication but I see it linked to intimacy.

Friends can have close communications with one another not because they are of great match but because they have common goals together. Until we understand what makes a great match we won't know for sure if one has to be of great match with his or her partner before they could have a successful relationship.

But let's say that being of match with one's partner leads to successful relationship,what happens to the old saying: ''Opposite attracts?'' Is that saying not in contrast with what we are saying? I do hope you are getting along with us. We are talking about being of match with one's partner. Is it the only way couples could have a successful relationship? 

Let's look at marriage relationship between village brought up and city brought up. What is their great match? Yet when they eventually marry,they still make a wonderful mates at the end of the day. Or maybe you have not seen such relationship right? Well I have seen so many of it even though it was all fight in the beginning as they were trying to adjust and learn to satisfy and tolerate the habits and differences of the other,it all ends well for them at the end of the day!

If match with one's partner means having mutual understanding with each other regardless of any social or racial classes it is fine! It would be positive to say yes,having a great match with one's partner leads to a successful marriage!!!

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What makes a good couple?

Would you say having a common goal in a relationship with your partner makes a good couple? Would you say it is understanding? Being of great match? Let's know your thought on this!!

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