What to Do When Your Spouse Keeps Admiring Other Women

What to Do When Your Spouse Keeps Admiring Other Women -Image result for spouse
You and your spouse.

But have you ever seen anyone,man or woman,child or adult who had never admired one person or the other in life? I am so sure that you have been caught many times saying ''I love the way this man behaves or I love the way the man dresses.

Always looking cute.'' What is wrong with that? When  your spouse keeps admiring other women does it matter anything?

There are women when they are out with their spouses all they watch out for is to see or catch their husbands looking at other women. I now ask: What do they want to achieve from that?

And when they succeed catching their husbands looking at other women,they begin to fabricate and make up negative stories from it. Yes,When your spouse keeps admiring other women,does it matter anything?

Let's take your own experience for example because everyone admires some people at some point in time. When you see a man and you say in your heart: '' Wow! I love the way this man looks'' what does it mean to you? A lot!

And I am also sure that if he extends his hand to you you would rise. If he opens his arms to you,you would also go for a hug even when your spouse is there.

There is something about admiration and it is so strong. Looking at a woman with admiration could either make you want to have her and if you are a super strong man who only admires the way she appears or dresses there would be no such feelings to have her. She is absolutely absent in your mind and heart!


You see there is a big difference between admiring the way someone looks and they way someone appears. When you admire the way someone looks,it means love at first sight. That is the kind of person you are attracted to. You can call him or her your very heart desire. Again the question: When your spouse keeps admiring other women,does it mean anything?  Most times yes!

If you already have a wife and in her presence you still admire another woman it means you have a wrong person by your side. Or did you marry her because of her character? Her background or her charisma? There you go! But what your heart desires,what you really want and need in a woman is not any of those things but her physique. You care so much about it!

You can't change certain physique such as tall to short and vise versa,so what happens when you get married to a short man or woman when all you have ever wanted is a tall person?


Most times,we don't get exactly what we want in life and it is easy to keep messing up our relationship.

Many times again,things don't go the way we plan! When you don't get  exactly what you desire in a marriage mate:

  • Bear it and enjoy the other advantages he or she has.

  • Understand this is life and there is no way you could have it all.

  • Even if you have a tall man or woman you love for a physique,her inner part may be so unbearable for you that sooner or later his or her tallness begins to mean nothing to you.

  • In marriage,what matters most is a partner who is and will be faithful,committed and supporting till the end and not the one who can add or contribute nothing in the relationship.Finally,

  • Whether it is beauty or glamour,some day it will fade and what remains is the inner stuff or beauty!!!

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