How To Say No In Relationship When It Is Hard

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How To Say No In Relationship When It Is Hard

You know sometimes,many of us who have been in love do not know how it all started. We hardly also can remember how it began in the first place. This is because,to some people who are in relationship,it all started with ''love in at first sight'' whereas others gradually fell in love with someone they never ever got attracted to or even imagined they would ever swim in love with.

Now you deeply feel loved by the other person but your heart is sincerely with another,what would you do? He loves you so much and has done everything a man could possibly do to prove his love to his girlfriend but you still do not feel same with him. Your heart goes to someone somewhere out there your heart imagined to be with and yearn for but you do not know how to say no to this wonderful boyfriend of yours.

Surely,if there is anything you need to do now to set your heart free from the relationship your heart is so absent minded,it is to say NO. But how could you do this? 


It has been proven that before a girl finds the one she truly loves and yearn for,she would have met all sorts of men on the way ,coming to her. Those who enter into troubles to the extent they cannot say no when it is the only thing they've got to say are those who say yes to Jark and Jin on their way.

How could Mr A come to you and knowing that you don't want the kind of Mr A is as a lover and you still accepted just because he can make you happy? Then you forgot that relationship is not all about the happiness you receive but the happiness you also give in turn.

Now you are in trouble,how would you come out of it? That is the question. How to say no in relationship when it is hard.

One of the ways you can say know to your boyfriend when you are no longer interested in a relationship to by slowly withdrawing. Start doing less those things you do that make him feel you are closely with him. Then he will come to you and ask you what is happening. Even at this time you have the opportunity to tell him you are not interested,do not say it so loud and clear. Simply tell him you don't understand what you feel about the relationship any more.That you are not enjoying it as before. And if he asks you if you are seeing another man tell him no. He deserves enough respect from you. A man who loves you and get no for an answer from you should not be hurt or stricken in the neck.

Secondly at this point,you say the 'no' but without apology. Often we believe that it is polite to say ''I am sorry'' when we are not agreeing with someone but  this ''I am sorry'' thing does not matter anything to him or her at this point.

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But wait a moment. What are you saying sorry for? Is it a crime to say no to something that doesn't give you joy or to something that you don't like or want in your life? Simply thank him and tell him you are grateful that he loves you but you can't force yourself to go against your immediate will.

Then the third point on how to say no in relationship when it is hard is this: ''Do not tell him any negative thing you feel about him or you hate about him such as ''I need a better man,a man who can take care of my financial or material needs.'' ''I need a man who is educated and not an illiterate like you''. Please avoid these insults and do not tell a man that loves you he is not man enough!

However,if the problem is based on anything humanly impossible to change,it is positive you tell him your reason for wanting to say no. For example,you could tell him that your gynotype or blood group is no match with his. Ask him what his blood group is and wisely tell him yours that will not match with it.

A friend of mine who wanted to get out of a relationship that seemed to kept her in bondage forged an idea. She told her ever loyal boyfriend who wouldn't give her a breathing space that her late mother died of diabetes the same thing that killed his own father. And she made him to see that since this medical issue is in their families,the best thing to do is to quit the relationship and avert breakdown on the way.

Our point is that it is not a crime to say no to anything you do not want but you must do so with respect and love. A man who loves you and shows you love has done nothing bad. Where many do not see you in favor,he picks you and makes you his suitor. This man deserves respect and not insult or embarrassment.

Yes,you owe no one apology for going for what you want!!!

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