Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? Find Out Here!

Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? Image result for ex boyfriend,relationship,

Does- Your- Ex -Still -Have -Feelings- For -You?- Find -Out -Here!

When we say that love is stronger than the heart never doubt it. The feelings it generates grows so strong that even when the relationship is over,one still lives in the mind of the ex. Does your ex still have feelings for you? Find out here!

To say that one does not have feelings for his or her ex is to say that all the time they were in relationship,it was a mere claim of love and fantasy that they shared. No true love,no clear direction or purpose of the relationship. It was simply boyfriend and girlfriend affairs. Does your ex still have feelings for you? Still find out here!

5 Facts That Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You And Wants You Back

According to love therapy,the best thing to do with an ex is to unfollow him or her in all social media handles. And because you both have separated from each other and quit the relationship you won't find it necessary to call your ex in order to know how he is doing or expect him to do the same.But however,it doesn't really follow that way.

Your ex who still has feelings for you would in so many ways somehow try to connect with you without your very knowledge. For example,has someone a total stranger ever called your telephone line and said you both are friends on Facebook and when you checked on the name he mentioned you would find nothing related to it? Yes,your ex set him up to do that in order to check on you.Does your ex still have feelings for you? Find out here more points!

Maybe you performed excellently at a function of a large crowed or there was something you were celebrity and a lot of people were calling and sending text messages and you got one,not knowing exactly where it was coming from. Then the message said in conclusion: ...''the suitor you know''.
Who is that suitor you know? From east to south,north to west,there was no other suitor you knew at that time but you ex. Yes,that is another thing your ex does to confirm that he still has feelings for you.

If your ex still talks about you with his friends whether on positive things or on negative it shows that he is sill having feelings for you. The good book Bible says that out of the abundance of heart,the mouth speaks. Your presence is filled his heart and so he speaks of you and shares it with his friends. He still has feelings for you if he does this.

There are men who always tell their their girlfriends certain things their ex never did well. Dear Motivational girl,it is not a compliment that your boyfriend tells you about his ex negative part.Don't feel he is comparing you with her making you feel you are on a better side. You might just be a compliment at the moment and maybe when he finds out that his ex has changed,he goes back to her.

Love when built in a relationship is so hard to break. Whether you call it quit or broken relationship,the love never dies! Whether he's got a new girlfriend or not,his heart still lingers and you still live in his heart!Does your ex still have feelings for you? Enjoy the memories while it last!!!

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