10 Jealousy Quotes For Married And Single

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10 Jealousy Quotes For Married And Single!

Looking for the best jealousy quotes for married and singles?

Because we live in a world where NO ONE can get everything that he or she ever wants,because we live in a world where things don't always work the way we want,we see people all around us being happy when we are not.

We see people,friends and even family members succeeding where we have failed.

This could result to jealousy. Here is brought to you 10 jealousy quotes for married and single! Enjoy it!!

10 Jealousy Quotes For Married And Single!

Jealous quote 1 : ''There is nothing best anyone can get in life.'' Therefore,even if it seems you will end up not getting married in this life,bear it. Those who have and who will are not filled with all joy either.

Jealous quote 2: ''What gives joy is what one gives and not what one receives.'' Therefore,aim to be productive if happiness is what you seek.

Jealous quote 3: ''Life does not depend on what one has but on the creator who gives it.'' Therefore,rather than cry your heart out and feel less of yourself because you have no child,husband or wife live your live morally and spiritually clean to keep fit while the days count.

Jealous quote 4: ''Quality does not live on a platter of gold. It is refined in fire.'' Therefore,difficulties in marriage strengthens marriage. Do not run away from it when it comes!''

Jealous quote 5 : ''The wise share their problems and the fools bury theirs.'' What is so good about problems that one should horde it for himself? Food for thought!!

Jealous quote 6: ''Problems are  like wounds that deteriorate when left untreated.'' This is for those who like saving issues for another day. For goodness sake,how could a man be having issues with his lady and he pretends that every thing is under control? 

Jealous quote 7: ''Imagination is the poison which only antidote is reality.''  This explains the reason why imagination most times is waist of time and energy.  Sometimes,what we imagine about our partners,what we imagine they are doing at some points end up being something else in reality.

Jealous quote 8 : ''There is more fine gains in following the heart than the crowd.''- This is for those who are still searching and patiently waiting for the arrival of their suitors. No matter what,do not allow the fear and pressure of family or tradition push you to marry whoever you do not desire to marry. Refuse to be pushed into a pit. Avoid the consequences of marrying the wrong person!!

 Jealous quote 9 :''No sayings of a man should matter anything to you except that from your heart.''- monikmotivational.com

The conclusion of everything is we all are in journey of sojourn. Do not be deceived by anyone who claims his journey is painless because we all walk on the same road to our different destinations. Everyone has their own peculiar problems. When you see yours learn to face it.

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Finally,do not allow any man to be a dictator of your own life. Be in charge of your life,control it and tell yourself how you want it to be!!!

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