When Love Becomes An Addiction - A Must Read!

When Love Becomes An Addiction - A Must Read!

Life is full of so many things that we can even find it very difficult to describe and the most confused one is this thing called love.

There has been so many different definitions of love and yet none of these explanations best describes love. Going more deeper into it let's shift a bit to this section:  

How do you know you are in love with someone?

This question has confused a lot of people and they tend to say things like: I always think about her; I can't stay without him; I could sacrifice all for her; and all of it.

These reasons are genuine and are part of love but what if you are just addicted to this person and it's not necessarily about love?

There are reasons am going to list for you to be aware when your love for someone has become an addiction and no longer love.

Before I however go on with this write up,I want you to know the meaning of addiction! It is the inability to stop doing or using something, especially something harmful. Note the word "harmful".

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1. Abuse: When you are abused by your partner and you still stick to him or her then you are addicted to your partner, especially when your life is even in danger while being in such relationship.

2. Spending all your time with your partner: Don't be confused, we all are expected to spend a very good time with our partner no matter what. But when we abandon our own work and productive time to be with our partner then we are addicted to her. Loving someone doesn't mean loosing yourself.

3. Cheating: If your partner cheats on you and yet you can't let go then it might have turned to an addiction. Most times we think it's love but I bet you that whenever a particular action keeps reoccurring and you are hurt by that action and yet can't let go despite you both not being married to each other,then it can be an addiction.

Addiction is dangerous and it comes in so many ways that we may not even be aware of.
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You can seek a professional help if the above list affects you or talk to a friend about it.

Don't suffer alone. If the situation is that both of you are still cool together then tell your partner about it especially if you are in point 2 category!!!

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