What To Do When You Are Lonely!

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What To Do When You Are Lonely!

What should you do if you are lonely?

Research has shown that 10% of people aged 16-24 are lonely.

Loneliness,the feeling of being alone in emptiness when one should be with a partner is like a sharp knife that pierces though the marrow of the bones. It is not only painful to deal with,it also makes one depreciate in heart and mind!

Anyone could fall a victim of being lonely.  A married man who loses wife could be lonely even when he is a man! A young girl in her teen could also feel lonely when she has a disappointing boyfriend. An elderly who does not have a helper or loved ones around could also be lonely just like children without helper could be sometimes!

However,some experts say that the good news is that loneliness is nice sometimes when you need a quiet time to think about things and also rest from stress. ''Life could be hard and make us feel bad so we need rest. This is where loneliness could help you a lot and it also brings some inspiration sometimes.'' But I highly disagree with them! Rather,I say to this school of thought that being alone most times,is good for reflection! Considering the good part, we will also consider the disadvantage and how to avoid this slowly deadly thing. Let's look at the bad side of loneliness!


1. Bad Thoughts: You would agree with me that loneliness brings bad or evil thoughts sometimes. It's important to note that people tend to think about irrelevant things when they are alone and this makes them take actions if they are not careful with such thoughts.

2. Depression: This can also take place when you are too lonely and make you do things you don't ever want to do. At times suicidal thoughts may occur in the process.


Loneliness makes us do a lot of unimaginable things. Even in the Christian Bible God saw that it is not good for man to be alone so He created a help mate for him and that's what we know today as wife. How much more loneliness! I am going to list some points that you can apply when you are lonely:

1. Create a hobby: Hobbies such as visiting the gym, playing table tennis, reading books, visiting the library and many other things help to remove loneliness. Do not keep an ideal mind when you are lonely!

2. Take a trip: On the course of your career you will know the times when you will be lonely and need to have an action plan that will take care of that time. Another important action plan is taking a trip to visit your family members, friends and relatives. Yes,this is great in fighting loneliness.

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3. Take a vacation: Vacations help a lot in easing off and winning the war of loneliness.It deals strongly with stress and makes us relax a bit. Pick a country you will want to visit and check the amount of money needed to achieve that. If you can't achieve it,at least change environment somewhere you can reach!

The spirit of loneliness does not have advantage. It is all full of disadvantages,aiming to weigh someone down,and cause big depression.

When you are alone and feel lonely,apply all necessary measures to fight loneliness by keeping real busy!!!

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