Is Marriage Really An Achievement

Is Marriage Really An Achievement?

Okay,so we have really heard a lot of ladies talk so much about marriage,making it look like marriage is not an accomplishment.

Some said they have been there and didn't see anything so great about it to make marriage achievement. They argue that if one could make oneself happy it is a great achievement. Then I ask: What makes one really happy?

Well to some,it is marriage! And to others,it is their career,profession,hobbies and wealth.Is marriage really an achievement?

Is it correct to say that what makes one happy is an achievement? Certainly! So what happens when ones' happiness is in marriage? Okay,let's take it this way:

Let's say that one's happiness lies in his career. No matter whatever you do,he is never happy until he sees himself in the line of his career. Yes,he is there but hasn't made waves. He is still struggling,jumping one huddle after another,trying to find his feet in his career. Would you say that this man is fulfilled? Not yet. And I am not sure he will ever count it as an achievement if he does not succeed in his career.

Our point: No course is an achievement until one makes success in it! Is marriage really an achievement we ask?

The answer to if marriage is an achievement can be deduced from the above example of a man whose happiness lies in his career. If a woman's happiness lies in marriage and she eventually marries and instead of being so happy and feeling fulfilled in it,she is asking herself ''what even brought me to the marriage in the first place?'' Then my dear,you do not need anyone to tell you that marriage is not an achievement if that is how it feels.

Is marriage really an achievement? Fine,let's take it in another direction. Surely there are marriages that have brought huge blessings to people. A woman on a good day is happy and after getting married she is happier. This is an achievement for her and no regret.

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A man who was not buoyant before he got married found a gainful employment and contract here and there soon after his wedding and you say that marriage for him is not really an achievement? 

Dear Motivational friends,let us think objectively and call a spade a spade! Let us not pretend that what is good is bad simply because we don't yet have it.

Marriage is a huge blessing. An institution arranged by God the creator of the universe who knows best! What else do you expect but goodness?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,take your time and be sure it is the person of your heart you are going into marriage with otherwise,continue waiting until you find a very suitable mate.

What is wrong in being single? If you are really happy and comfortable in the state of singleness,if it doesn't bother you that your mates are married and you are still single,if your priority is not marriage,then you don't have to worry. You are missing nothing at all if you are not married because,the source of your happiness does not lie in marriage!

 Sonia Ogbonna,the wife of the popular Nollywood actor says this about marriage:


"For some reason,people (mostly females) are brainwashed to think that every relationship that didn't lead to marriage is a"waste of time". Where you rushing to? Let me start with à gently reminder-marriage isn't any form of achievement like some of you might think . You make yourself a Queen,no one will do it for you. Achievement is to be happy. Period''.

For your information,Sonia Ogbonna is still very much in her marriage but she is saying that truly,there is nothing in it! Yes,she was happy and full of life before she got married and nothing so special has been added in her life as a result of marriage that she would not have gotten if she were still single.

Is marriage really an achievement? Yes,only when partners in marriage find reward and fulfillment in their marriage!

But when on the other hand marriage partners are bitter with each other,having regret and sadness in their marriage and wishing they were never in it,then we would say emphatically that marriage is not really an achievement!!! 

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