Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?

Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?
Is It Okay To Date A Married Man?

Is it okay to date a married man?

Time flies as the days go by and we come to a time in our life when we are faced with some big decisions to make.

Love no doubt is strong and very powerful and it could also make us make some irrational decisions that we may not deem fit to make on ordinary day when we are not in love. However,we should be careful when we take on a journey of love.

The question we are about to look into is a very important big question we all have to consider carefully as growing girls and ladies: Is It Okay To Date a Married Man? I will answer this question as we progress. 

To date someone simply means to go out with someone one is attracted to. Sharing some romantic attachment becomes a common culture and norms of those dating.  More love and feelings begin to generate for these loved ones we are already emotionally attached to as close and warm relationship is being built! 

Definitely we have feelings for these ones, although some people go into relationships because of some gain they expect to get from it,but the main reason people in real relationship date someone is because they have and share romantic feelings with that them.

But now, that person you are about to date is married, which means he's legally attached to someone he calls his wife and probably they already have kids together.

Your crush who has turned to your partner could be this sweet loving married man who calls you at every hour, appreciates you, treats you well, make your heart beat fast, help you financially and make you feel on top of the world, but the question remains does he love you while still married?

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Our question: Is it okay to date a married man? Come to think of it: A man that is married owes an obligation to his wife and family, to love and cherish them and that same man claims to love you.

Don't you think something is wrong with him he has to fix? Does the fact that he could not take up his responsibility as a husband to his wife not make you see that he is an irresponsible man? Let's move away a bit from his side and check your side as a lady and get some vital points to consider. 

As a lady who could only be attracted by a married man,a man who has already given his life and commitment to another woman not you,do you not feel the following:

1. Low self-esteem?: Having a low self-esteem is something that could happen to us due to the decisions we make. When you are playing the second position in a man's life while another woman is on top is bad and could lead to low self-esteem. You might be enjoying some financial aids and all that but remember that it is just peanuts compared with what his wife enjoys. Yes,the first place in that man's life,and everyone recognizes it! And you,you are content and just okay to accept a secondary place in the heart of man rather than being a queen in your own house! Is it okay to date a married man?

2. '''Am not in for money but for love'' say some ladies who try to justify their reason for dating married men.Have you not heard that men can have sex without being in love with a woman but a woman can not have sex without some emotional attachment to the man? Can't you see you are being used up by that man? Any married man who leaves his wife and come to you is not truly coming to you in the name of marriage but to have you satisfy his s*xual urge. Yes,he could after all marry you to become his s*x worker,but deep inside him,he knows his wife! The other woman he has given his everything to and not you! So my lady,is is okay to date a married man? 

3. He will leave someday: Have it in mind he's going to leave someday, he might claim to be in love with you but the main reason could be that he's having issues with his wife and is using you to heal himself from frustrations and heart break. This again should be an eye opener for you. He is married! He has given it all to his wife! Your stay with him is very much temporal and the earlier you know this the better it is for you.

4. What goes around comes around Remember? Definitely you must have heard that quote and most times it works. This action you are taking or about to take could come back to hit you back when you want to finally want to settle down with the man of your dreams. 

The point is this: Even if your intention is not to marry a married man but is on deceit to sap him,when you eventually marry your own husband,there is every likelihood that not just one but many women will run after him and sap him dry even before your eyes.

Morals: Don't make yourself cheap to be the second option of a man while there are so many single men out there that can treat you in a special way. You might have heard some heart breaks with single men in the past but don't make a bad decision because of your past. Also read the article: Does True Love Exist Only in Movies? and stay away from married men!!!

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