Why Your Partner May Not Marry You

Why Your Partner May Not Marry You

Dating is different from marriage and not all relationships lead to marriage. This brings us to the question, are there signs your partner might not be interested in getting married to you? Yes . And there are also signs that will make you understand that he or she might be interested to settle down with you. 

Human heart is deceitful and to make matters worse we don't even know what our partner is thinking about, but the good part is that you can notice it through the attitudes he or she expresses.

The worst thing ever is when you have all faith and trust in your partner believing that whenever you propose to her that she will say yes and when it gets to the point she says no to your proposal, it destabilizes you in many ways. You start to think of all the efforts, time, money and many other things you have wasted in trying to make the person want to settle down with you. In order not to get to this point, it will be best if you take your time and study your partner to the best of your knowledge by reading through the following points below:

1. No future plan discussions: When your partner isn't discussing or doesn't talk about you two settling down or how you two will look great together in the near future then you should be very careful of such a person. Whatever one talks about regularly, it's what the person is looking forward to achieving in his live. Whenever you are with your partner always look out for this point.

2. Not satisfied with his kind of shape or physique: Everyone has in mind the kind of shape or physique he or she wants in a partner. Your partner might be dating you for dating sake but may not want to settle down with you because you are not the kind of person they wish for. Some men want the big bold and beautiful or slim type while some ladies want the muscular or tall type. How do you find out about this? It's simple! They tend to admire them when you guys take a walk or even tell you how they admire such body and shape. This might not be serious but still put it into consideration.

3. Finance: If your partner is really much interested in wealth and how rich or even over ambitious about things of life then you got to watch it closely. She might want someone that's wealthy and classic and inwardly you know you are not to.Hey! Don't kill yourself trying to attain a height you may not be able to reach. Yes, she might say no to you if you propose!!!

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