Why Are Guys Not Ready For Marriage?

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Marriage is an institution which you are not expected to come out from after taking a vow with your partner in the alter that no matter what may be,you won't back out from it till death do you part. This kind of decision requires someone to take a critical thought of himself and the wife to be before jumping into such agreement to avoid ruining his life by making the wrong decision he may probably not be able to change.

This now brings us to this question: Why are guys not interested or ready for marriage? Before we answer this question we are going to examine the lifestyle of both genders.

You know,guys naturally love to be free, go anywhere they want to go to, date the most beautiful lady they see, hangout with friends, take a vacation and laugh to the best jokes they engage in. Now someone out there may be asking: How can he with these attitude think of settling down with a lady who will call him to come home the time he doesn't want to or restrict him from having fun with different ladies out there as he may wish to? It could be the most painful thing to do to such a person you know. Let's look at the reasons why men are aren't ready for marriage.

Why Are Guys Not Ready For Marriage

1. No money/Lack of employment: Some men don't have enough money to go into the journey of marriage and so they find it difficult to think of getting married especially to a lady who is unemployed. How could he run home?  What would he do if children start coming in? Just how could he prove he is the head of the family when he obviously cannot act responsibly as a man? Honestly,unemployment or lack of money issue is a big knockdown on men.

2. Still wants to be a boy: Some guys don't want to acknowledge they are getting old as the days go by, all they want is to be a boy, they just don't want to change their mindset.And to think of it,getting married and having children obviously make them realize they are no longer boys they always feel like being.

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3. Restrictions: Just like I stated above, some guys just want to be free and don't want to be hooked to a lady who wouldn't allow them behave the way they were doing before they got married. More than 50 percent of guys out there want to live a free life and have this belief that a woman by their side won't allow them have that.

4. Fear: It may sound funny but this is the truth: Many guys are scared of this thing called marriage, raising kids and all that. They don't know what awaits them in such life and so they decide to stay away from marriage till their minds seem very fit for it.

From the reasons listed above, if you love your man so much and he has one of these problems you can help him out in different ways. Give him the assurance and encouragement that he needs and don't make it a whole lot worse for him.

Dear men,why fear one thing you know you would beat at the end of the day? Even if you don't want to settle down now,know that tomorrow,you will definitely do so. The earlier the better right?

And come to think of it: Why do you act as if you and you alone are involved in fulfilling the responsibilities of family? What about your wifey? Oh,she does nothing to support you right? I understand!

Then,if you really love her and want her to be your wife,get her something doing to raise money along. Then,you will no longer have any reason to be scared of getting married tomorrow!!!

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